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The word “dope” has many meanings. dopeはいろんな意味があります。

  • dope (形) = すごく良い、素晴らしい
  • dope (名) = stupid person, 馬鹿な人, 頭の遅い人
  • dope (名) = drug or drugs, 麻薬, ドラグ
  1. That was a totally dope song!
  2. What a dope ride!
  3. He’s a complete dope.  I can’t believe he actually said that!
  4. Don’t invite any dopes to the next party.
  5. That guy is always on dope.  Stay away from him!
  6. Why do athletes need dope?  They should just win by playing fair!

1〜6の日本語訳にチャレンジしてみませんか?気軽にコメントで書きこんでみてください。 音声は間もなくアップしますね。