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A fuck-face is a very bad, nasty and hateful person.  「fuck-face」という奴は非常に嫌なことする意地悪な超悪者だ。

fuck-face = 嫌なやつ

  1. He stole my Japanese study books!  What a fuck-face!
  2. That guy tried to kiss my girlfriend.  He’s such a fuck-face!
  3. He used to be my friend but he told me I was a loser.  I think he’s just a fuck-face.
  4. I’ve met many “gaijin” living in Japan who get drunk and act like complete fuck-faces!
  5. Sorry about last night.  I acted like a fuck-face.  I should not have said that.

1〜5の日本語訳にチャレンジしてみませんか?気軽にコメントで書きこんでみてください。 音声は間もなくアップしますね。